Meet the Team

Exceptional learning experiences require exceptional thinking! Meet our team of UX, design, ops, education and research experts on a mission to maximise human potential.

Renata Sguario

Founder & CEO

Leah Cunningham

Product & Experience

Jen Vass

Delivery & Operations

Belinda Wall

Brand & Marketing

Alexia Lyons

Comms & Content

Dan Thornbury

Technology & Engineering

Our Human Skills Superheroes

Behind our Team is a powerful army of human skills superheros (aka the Maxme Advisory). This enviable assembly of subject matter experts, thought leaders, agitators and change-makers, bring a wealth of knowledge, guidance and insight to our human skills upskilling arsenal.

Maxme Advisory

Alice Almeida

Santiago Beltran Diaz

Polly Flanagan

Anna Glynn

Ivan Hasjim

Jenny Honig

Peter Langeveld

Amy Miller

Elisa Nerone

James Oana

Dan Robins

Lou Zoanetti