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At Maxme we have direct experience on what translates in the workplace based on decades in business, working with and developing graduates. We know the critical skills required to be successful at work, and the difficulties when they are absent.

Maxme helps you


Skills that are needed for maximising your higher education experience, getting a job and then thriving in it.


When you are ready to take on the world of work with skills that help you contribute and stand out.


Your innate strengths and the potential you have to live the life you desire.

Maxme provides online learning to help you build human skills and we give you practical ways to apply them while you study. We are privileged to support you along your learning journey.

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To give you a taste of what’s to come at Maxme, we’ve created a set of learning resources and tools targeted to a range of student types and situations.

Where are you on your Tertiary Education journey?

I'm in first year

Just started your studies and feeling your way through? This is for you.

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I'm well on my way

You’ve been at it for a while but want to stay motivated and effective.

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I'm in final year

You’re not far from completing your studies and are looking for an edge.

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I've recently finished

Ready to start the next phase but dont quite know where to begin.

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