The Other Side Podcast Episode 8, The Social Network


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Is there value in networking for recent graduates, new or recent members of the workforce, or is something only senior professionals need to think about? Networking doesn’t have to mean making smalltalk over drinks or coffee at industry events or conferences, networking can be as simply as leveraging the full extent of your existing family, friends and former colleagues! In fact, if you’re not willing to use the power of your personal circle, professional or personal, you could be missing a great opportunity to get ahead. In many ways, your network is your ‘net worth’ – an asset in your career arsenal that needs to be considered, cultivated and nurtured. Afterall, your network is also a reflection of you and your personal brand – a striking reflection of the company you keep, and the calibre of your relationships. So where to start with networking? Get ready to read, listen and learn!

On our mission to support as many individuals as possible to thrive in work and life, we’re spreading the magic of human skills as widely as possible – through immersive apps, coaching, experiences and partnerships, but also through rich conversations. The Other Side is a mini podcast series by Maxme where our Founder Renata (Ren) Sguario chats with recent graduate James (Jimmy) Oana on the experience of making the leap from Uni to work, and thriving on the other side.

Over 9 episodes (including a bonus intro chat), Ren and Jimmy cover Gen Z career building essentials like what makes a great CV, acing a job interview, seeking and giving feedback, the importance of self awareness, networking, body language and more.

In Episode 8 of The Other Side, The Social Network, Ren and Jimmy unpack common myths around networking, share their personal networking experiences, and welcome special guest (senior corporate leader and networking extraordinaire) Karla to share her insights, tips and tricks on how to network for career success.

In under 30 minutes, you’ll cover the ‘networking for career success’ essentials:

  • What networking means, and how to leverage it as a quick-win opportunity to ‘get ahead’
  • Ren’s definition of networking and communication – being able to carry yourself in a conversation
  • Communication is key to networking and success, but requires practice
  • Ren’s commitment to opening doorways for others – networking’s role in personal purpose
  • Ren chats about networking with Karla – a Senior Corporate Leader and Networking Extraordinaire
  • The importance of nurturing your networks – never ‘set and forget’
  • The importance of approaching conversations with ‘higher-power’ professionals (more progressed in their career) as a normal conversation, otherwise they may be sceptical about your intentions
  • How to use your network to find a new job – Karla’s personal experience after being made redundant
  • People are often more approachable, supportive and willing to connect / help you than you might think
  • Embrace your network – if you have people who can open doors for you, don’t hesitate to use them!
  • It’s a competitive, cluttered world, so be sure to use what you are given – everyone else does!
  • Networking isn’t always work based conversations, but starts with a normal conversation first
  • Networking isn’t just about finding a job – it can open doors for collaborations, mentoring relationships, personal development, surrounding yourself with more diverse insights, experiences, lifelong learning and more
  • Successful network needs to be grounded in authenticity and mutual benefit.

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