Why do human skills matter?

Human skills enable us to better understand ourselves, others and what we need to thrive in work and life.

They include self awareness, communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity, ownership, mindfulness and more.

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Hodie benefits


Define your strengths, communicate your value, enliven your self belief.


Equip yourself with the critical human skills employers want and need.


Distil your purpose for more rewarding returns in work and life.


A creative, growth-based mindset will open more doors to more opportunities.

How does Hodie work?

Meet Lina, a graduate with an amazing story of human skills development.

Learn how Hodie shifted Lina from anxious student to empowered, employed graduate crushing personal and professional goals.

What are people saying?

Hodie is helping thousands of humans to thrive in work and life through the power of human skills. But don’t just take our word for it, hear what the team at Student Edge had to say after taking Hodie for a test drive!

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Career hacks you need NOW

On top of the foundation of human skills you’ll build with the Skills Quest, Hodie also has ‘Mini Quests’ to help you tackle specific life and career challenges as they happen.

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Humanise, realise, thrive

Discover your unique strengths and maximise your potential.

Fun, rewarding, on your terms

At a pace that works for you, progress through six critical skills. Earn points, build your own team of Sidekicks, and receive plenty of rewards along the way.

Guided but flexible

Hodie will guide you in building critical foundations, but from there, you’re free to master the skills you want!

Powered by Maxme, Hodie app is the culmination of 20 years proven learning & development experience


  • How much does Hodie cost?

    Access to Hodie ‘Apprentice’ (5 levels of Hodie’s 6 key human skills) is totally FREE. Yep, that’s 30 learning modules (and one seriously powerful upskilling opportunity) at zero cost to you!

  • How long does the Hodie learning journey take?

    The Hodie Skills Quest is divided into three chapters; Apprentice, Artisan* and Master*. Apprentice (6 human skills, 5 levels each) comes first, and is totally free.

    The speed of your Hodie journey depends on your preferred pace of learning. On average, it takes about 5 weeks to complete each skill, based 20 mins of learning p/day. So … in less than 6 months, you’ll be Hodie Apprentice accredited! You might go faster or slower – it’s up to you.

    Hodie Apprentice is all about knowing yourself & unlocking your potential. During your Hodie Apprentice Skills Quest, you’ll cover:

    1. Self-Awareness, your unique strengths & weaknesses
    2. Communicating with Impact
    3. Teamwork
    4. Mindfulness
    5. Owning it
    6. Creativity.

    *Hodie Artisan and Master are set for release in late 2021 – stay tuned!

  • How can I take my Hodie human skills learning further?

    Go you good thing! Once you’ve completed your first skill area – Self Awareness (all 5 levels), you’ll get access to Hodie MINI QUESTS (paid). Mini Quests are your human skills ‘life hacks’ covering specific, career-boosting essentials like CV Writing, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Dealing with Difficult People, Networking and more. New Mini Quests are added regularly!

    Cost: $5.99 (Australian Dollars) per Mini Quest

  • I’m an Employer. Can I get Hodie for my employees?

    Sure can! Hodie for Employers bundles full access to Hodie content and features with options for extra Maxme services, support and customisation. The combination of Hodie + employer extras allows you to maximise your organisation’s investment in human skills development. Learn more about Maxme for Employers.

  • I’m an Educator. Can I get Hodie for my students?

    Absolutely. Hodie for Educators bundles full access to Hodie content and features, with options for extra Maxme services, support and customisation. The combination of Hodie + educator extras enables you to help your students maximise their human skills development to:

    • Increase employability & work-readiness
    • Perform better in their studies
    • Stay focused on their career goals.

    Learn more about Maxme for Educators.

  • How long does it take?

Hodie’s here & FREE! Download now.