Problems we're solving

Skills shortages

Businesses increasingly demand better human skills. 97% of businesses require people with a mix of both technical and human skills. Australia is facing a large and growing skills shortage.

Job readiness gaps

Our standard education system equips students with technical skills but is failing to adequately prepare students with the fundamental human skills needed to be work ready when they graduate.

Mental health impacts

Gen Z are more stressed and confused, less confident and less prepared for the increasingly complex professional world. This has flow on effects including mental health and anxiety-related issues.

Apps & experiences to help you thrive

Hodie - your human skills hero!

Hodie app helps students, graduates, career changers and advancers to unlock their potential and thrive. With Hodie in hand, you’ll master 6 key skills – Self Awareness, Communicating with Impact, Working Together, Mindfulness, Owning It and Creativity at any time, place and pace that works for you.

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Raeda - your human skills coaching academy!

Raeda is Maxme’s coaching and mentoring service which further maximises human skills development for Hodie users. Raeda coaching is available to any Hodie user via group, or 1 on 1 support.

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Why do human skills matter?

Human skills enable us to better understand ourselves, others and what we need to achieve personal and career success.

They include self awareness, communication, resilience, teamwork, creativity, ownership, mindfulness and more.

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  • Where should I start my human skills learning journey?

    All Maxme learning journeys begin with Hodie – a first-of-its-kind, FREE mobile app that helps you build the critical human skills you need to realise your career potential and thrive! Hodie helps you to discover your strengths and unlock 6 key human skills required for success in work and life. Learn more about Hodie here.

  • How much do Hodie and Raeda cost?


    The Hodie Skills Quest is divided into three chapters; Apprentice, Artisan* and Master*. Apprentice (6 human skills, 5 levels each) comes first, and is totally free. Hodie Apprentice is all about knowing yourself & unlocking your potential. During your Hodie Apprentice Skills Quest, you’ll cover Self-Awareness, Communicating with Impact, Teamwork, Mindfulness, Owning it and Creativity.

    Once you’ve completed your first skill area – Self Awareness (all 5 levels), you’ll get access to Hodie MINI QUESTS (paid). Mini Quests are your human skills ‘life hacks’ covering specific, career-boosting essentials like CV Writing, Job Interviews, Salary Negotiation, Dealing with Difficult People, Networking and more. New Mini Quests are added regularly!

    Cost: $5.99 (Australian Dollars) per Mini Quest

    *Hodie Artisan and Master are set for release in late 2021 – stay tuned!


    The cost of Raeda’s coaching services depends on your desired level and duration of support, and whether you wish to join a group or prefer 1on1. Enquire now to learn more about Raeda.

  • Does Maxme offer human skills learning experiences for employers / workplaces?

    We sure do! Head over to our Maxme for Employers page to learn more.