Why Human Skills Matter

Hi! I’m Renata Sguario, Founder of Maxme. Helping YOU maximise your potential for career and life success is my absolute passion. I bring you the best of almost 30 years leading and developing people of all ages and walks of life. 

Is success related to human skills?

Since as far back as I can remember, helping people realise their potential has been a core value for me.

Every person that I have led, coached or mentored over the last 20 years will tell you that Human Skills, the skills that make or break a career in my opinion, are the key focus of our journey of discovery together.

Starting from self-awareness where we unlock top strengths and lesser strengths, through to navigating how to communicate with confidence and impact, and of course, being able to work with people who trust you to have their back.

I have seen people at highest most confident point as well as at their lowest, full of self-doubt.

Being able to experience the privilege of helping people be their best self has been incredible.

When I stopped and thought about the impact I wanted to make in the next decade, and how I could help my teenage daughters and their peers set up for future work success, I realised I needed to take the many years of experience contributing to many successful careers, package it up as the MaxMe Method and share it with a much bigger group of people who need it BEFORE they start their career journey rather than after.

At MaxMe we understand that learning is continuous, and we have curated learning experiences tailored to what you need, when you need it.

We ride on the shoulders of giants as we’ll shortly bring the MaxMe method to students at scale.

Our approach is influenced by the insights of people such as Stephen Covey, Michelle McQuiad, Dan Pink, Carol Dwerk, Patrick Lencioni, and Adam Fraser.

These people have absolutely shaped who I am, and their philosophies and research have global credibility and timeless applicability regardless of your age or phase of career.

I totally believe in the power of Human Skills, and it’s not just about career success

It’s bigger than that, it’s about getting the most out of everything that life has to offer.

I look forward to sharing our journey.

Yes, success is human.