The Other Side Podcast Episode 7, Your Body Tells a Different Story


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What is body language and why does it matter at work? Body language is one of the most critical elements in effective communication. In fact, over 90% of effective communication is defined by non-verbal aspects. One of the most well-known research projects on nonverbal communication was led by Psychology Professor Dr. Mehrabian in the 1960s, where he found that the interpretation of a message is 7% verbal, 38% vocal and 55% visual. So according to Dr. Mehrabian, communication is 93% “nonverbal” in nature! Thus, from initial job interviews, to weekly presentations to your manager or a bigger group of colleagues, body language is JUST as important, perhaps even moreso, than what you’re actually saying. Body language includes everything from eye contact, to facial expressions, posture, hand gestures, stance and much more. How to get body language right at work? Read, listen and learn!

On our mission to support as many individuals as possible to thrive in work and life, we’re spreading the magic of human skills as widely as possible – through immersive apps, coaching, experiences and partnerships, but also through rich conversations. The Other Side is a mini podcast series by Maxme where our Founder Renata (Ren) Sguario chats with recent graduate James (Jimmy) Oana on the experience of making the leap from Uni to work, and thriving on the other side.

Over 9 episodes (including a bonus intro chat), Ren and Jimmy cover Gen Z career building essentials like what makes a great CV, acing a job interview, seeking and giving feedback, the importance of self awareness, networking, body language and more.

In Episode 7 of The Other Side, Your Body Tells a Different Story, Ren and Jimmy dive into body language – what it is, how to get body language right in job interviews, and the greater role of body language in communication throughout work and life.

In just over 30 minutes, you’ll cover the following body language insights, tips and takeaways:

  • The importance of body language and its pivotal role in effective communication – 90-93% of the effectiveness of any communication is determined by the non-verbal aspects (body language)!
  • Thinking about ‘how’ you communicate, not just ‘what’ you communicate
  • Ren’s personal experience with Toast Masters  – self-awareness is key for effective communication
  • The role of VOICE in good communication – pitch, pace and tone
  • James shares his personal experience with ‘communication readiness’ for interviews – a critical skill he has built over time through much reflection, practice and confidence
  • The importance of practice in gaining confidence at public speaking, and the role of body language in effective public speaking
  • The role of eye contact, pacing and voice inflection in good communication and earning trust
  • Good communication and body language will help you ‘sell messages’ to key audiences, for instance sharing an idea, telling your story or seeking approval for funds or sign-off
  • Tips for body language in job interviews – how you sit in your chair, reading the room, taking time to reflect on your surroundings, channelling nerves into good energy, how to use your hands
  • What to wear to a job interview – do your research, dress prepared and in keeping with the ‘culture’ of the employer, best to over-dress than under-dress.

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