The Other Side Podcast Episode 6, How to Ace Assessment Centres


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What on earth is an assessment centre, and why do I need to know about them when applying for jobs? Assessment centres are involved in many interviews, particularly if you’re applying for roles at big corporate organisations with multi-stage processes. An assessment centre is a process where candidates are examined to determine their suitability for specific types of employment, especially management or military command. The candidates’ personality and aptitudes are determined by techniques including interviews, group exercises, presentations, examinations and psychometric testing. Long story short – they’re pretty important for Uni graduates to know about!

On our mission to support as many individuals as possible to thrive in work and life, we’re spreading the magic of human skills as widely as possible – through immersive apps, coaching, experiences and partnerships, but also through rich conversations. The Other Side is a mini podcast series by Maxme where our Founder Renata (Ren) Sguario chats with recent graduate James (Jimmy) Oana on the experience of making the leap from Uni to work, and thriving on the other side.

Over 9 episodes (including a bonus intro chat), Ren and Jimmy cover Gen Z career building essentials like what makes a great CV, acing a job interview, seeking and giving feedback, the importance of self awareness, networking, body language and more.

In Episode 6 of The Other Side, How to Ace Assessment Centres, Ren and Jimmy explore what listeners can expect from assessment centre ‘testing’, and share some important tips for how to excel in group interviews too.

In 40 minutes, you’ll cover the following essentials for group interview and assessment centre success:

  • Jimmy’s personal experience with group interviews, and why they made him particularly nervous
  • Ren’s personal experiences with assessment centres
  • Why group interviews matter – important and powerful way to show how you operate in a group
  • What employers look for in group interviews – for people who are mindful, aware, and can find ways to contribute value in difficult situations
  • What will an assessment centre ‘test’ involve? Often exam-like case studies, scenarios and ‘problems’ to put your skills and capabilities – most typically ‘soft skills’ / EQ to the test
  • Assessment centres help to identify people who are good at listening authentically, and engaging others
  • What is ‘interdependence’? A characteristic that helps employers appraise and understand your ability to operating in teams, to playback information to a group, and add value
  • Practice and experience with assessment centres will help you improve over time – don’t expect to ace it up front
  • Common activities and exercises you can expect in group interviews
  • Key phrases and ideas you should know when going into assessment centres – more powerful to ask a question rather than make a statement, you don’t need to have all the answers!
  • After listening – be sure to share a strong point of view
  • How Jimmy’s assessment centre experience helped him to identify that the employer wasn’t for him.

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