My Middle Years Manifesto

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Back for more after an Epic first year. Ready for another sprint.

I’m on a quest to be my best

It has been a long haul so far and the end still seems a lifetime away.  And yes, it’s not quite the start I had hoped for.
I was ready for things to start making more sense and for my experience getting through last year to help me hit the ground running. Less second guessing myself and wondering if all this effort is even worth it? More clarity and ease with the things I need to get done. This year has brought some unexpected challenges and curveballs.
But what’s that saying? When the world gives me lemons, I choose to make lemonade!
I know I can get through tough transitions, I got through last year didn’t I?! BUT what I didn’t realise is there is a better way to get the most out of study while also setting up for my future career success. While this is not something I am learning about in my course, there are ways to get started on developing Human Skills like self awareness, working on my resilienceknowing who I am and what my strengths (superpowers) and weaknesses (kryptonite) are. I have to commit to getting these skills for my own success and maximising my potential to live the lift that I desire .

It’s time to focus on staying the course

There has been so many questions and possibilities running through my head.
How do I know if I am studying the right degree?
How can I keep up the motivation required to finish?
How can I get the most out of my tertiary study and prepare for life afterwards?
Have I been giving it my all? If not, why?
What is and isn’t working and what are the lessons I can learn?

These years are a test of my mental fortitude and willingness to put in the effort even when you struggling for motivation. To get there I am going to have to think creatively and in ways I hadn’t imagined.  I need to acknowledge how I am feeling, dig deep and work on my well being and resilience, and know that I will get through this!

I’m making a promise to myself

I will rise above the challenges and give my all to come out the other side a well-rounded graduate who is ready to tackle all of life’s challenges. I HAVE to work for what I want because just wanting it is not going to make it happen.
How do I better balance my workload and manage my time well. What short goals can I set to make the end goal more attainable even when it overwhelms me or gets boring?
I will make the most of university projects to enhance my skills. Like working on communication, collaboration and leadership during group assignments. These are MUST HAVE skills in every job.
I want to learn how to it feels to be part of a Champion Team and be connected even when it feels kind of disconnected.  It’s not going to be easy to learn in these new ways and get work done, but I know I have to get cracking to maximise my opportunities!
Maxme will provide a guided experience, a shortcut through all the noise, to help me get going and there are going to be lots of people who I can learn from along the way and call upon when I feel confused and need help.
I am going to have to be kind to myself along the way and stop to celebrate the wins and learn from the mistakes.
Ok I got this. MaxMe, I’m ready for your help!