Human Skills Programs

Our fully-curated programs are focused on building critical human skills to achieve workplace objectives and overcome challenges. Combining online content, cohort collaboration and seminars, program design is based on proven micro-learning principles so participants need only dedicate >15-mins per day to get results.

Program Options

Lite Programs
Want a taster of human skill development goodness? Look no further – our Lite Programs can be conducted over 1 – 4 weeks and can help identify future areas for human skill development to future-proof your organisation.

Duration: 1 to 4-weeks

A fast, yet effective deep dive into self awareness – the foundation of human skills and additional content focused on developing a resilient self. Excellent to support individuals and teams during change and business transformation.

Duration: 7-weeks

This program equips learners with critical self awareness and communication skills to achieve deeper and more effective connections. Ideal for building rapport and connection within teams and to customers for improved experiences.  

Duration: 10-weeks

Stay connected with new recruits between role acceptance and commencement, increase motivation and reduce reneges. Program content is slightly more spaced out to span the ‘keep warm’ period and can also include custom onboarding content.

Duration: 12-weeks

A deep dive into self awareness plus a ‘taste’ of the human skill topics to build awareness of the fundamental skill areas and encourage ongoing self-development. Great for talent moving into more senior roles.

Duration: 12-weeks

A power program to engage and extend your people through developing self awareness plus deep dive into two other human skills topics. Seeking to advance your people so they can achieve their potential – this is the program for you.

Duration: 17-weeks

Program Benefits

Cost effective
Our aim is to put human skills development in the hands of as many people as possible, so we’ve kept the costs low. Per participant charges equate to as little as the cost of a coffee a day (but with longer lasting effects and benefits than the daily caffeine hit!).

Engaging experiences
We fully-manage and deliver programs to ensure optimal engagement. Programs can include co-branded communications, kick-off and wrap-up events, milestone seminars and competitions to promote active participation and collaboration.

Critical focus areas
Skills-based content focuses on high impact areas to address known challenges. These include: using strengths for optimal performance; developing techniques to solve complex problems; and tools to improve individual and team outcomes.

Maximum results
Developed based on proven and effective micro-learning training principles, programs are fully managed by our team to maximise engagement and results. We monitor activity and provide feedback to ensure we’re smashing your objectives.

Program inclusions

Programs combine base features to deliver the core learning experience, with optional extras to maximise the experience and can combine:

Base inclusions

  • 12 months free access to all Hodie content 
  • Initial program planning and set-up
  • Benchmarking survey & report (aggregated data)
  • Individual participant reports
  • *Milestone seminars (live online & recorded)
  • *Co-branded email campaign to support progress 
  • End point (outcome) survey + report (aggregated data)
  • *Engagement reporting at key stages throughout the program 
  • Leaderboard team competition & collaboration

Maximiser inclusions (optional)

  • Additional milestone and/or in-person seminars
  • Customised topics
  • Additional co-branded emails,  surveys + reports (aggregated)
  • 1:1 & group coaching sessions (up-to 20 people)
  • Skill development roadmaps
How do I select the right program to get max results?

Not sure which program is right for your people? No stress – we can help with that.

Depending on your need, budget and desired timeframe, we can deliver anything from a 1-week taster so you can determine whether the approach is right for you, to a 17-week deep dive for the no-holds barred experience.

Whatever the program, our team of human skills experts will work with you to:

  • Align your objectives, timings & challenges with the program approach
  • Create regular communications elements to keep participants ontrack
  • Deliver a kick-off session & ongoing seminars
  • Provide user engagement stats & reporting
  • Identify any specific needs for bespoke program content

Want a free program assessment?

Our team can conduct a quick and easy survey with a select staff cohort to identify specific development areas that require some love and recommend a program that will deliver tangible benefits.

Don’t hold back – register now and we’ll be in touch.