At Maxme we’re here to help you maximise your potential and we do it collaboratively, intelligently and on your terms.

Why Maxme

Maxme helps you develop human skills critical for career success.

We provide online learning to help you build these skills and we give you practical ways to apply them.

We also offer coaching and support if you need it. Get in touch if you want to know more about coaching.

Management team

Renata Sguario

CEO & Founder

Steve Fielding


Leah Cunningham

Head of Product and Design

Jason Culverwell

Creative Director

Dan Thornbury

Head of Technology and Engineering

Jen Vass

Head of Delivery

James McIntyre

Head of Marketing


Alice Almeida

Research Partner

Anna Glynn

Expert content collaborator

James Oana

Expert content collaborator

Jenny Honig

Expert content collaborator

Lou Zoanetti

Early Career Specialist

Polly Flanagan

Secondary school program & content advisor

We Make Apps

Development Partner

What are human skills & why do they matter?

Human skills (also known as soft skills, interpersonal skills, people skills) help you get the best out of yourself and others. They are crucial to securing work, and thriving in every day working life, but take ongoing practice to get good at.

Unfortunately human skills are rarely taught as part of your typical tertiary education experience, leaving many students unprepared for 'the real world’. Maxme is here to help.

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Hear from some of your peers as they detail how the Maxme method has helped and inspired them to build their human skills and get ahead.

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Meet Ren

Hi! I'm Renata Sguario, Founder of Maxme. Helping YOU maximise your potential for career and life success is my absolute passion. I bring you the best of almost 30 years leading and developing people of all ages and walks of life.

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