My First Year Manifesto

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Starting afresh, in with the new.

I’m on a quest to be my best

Well I finally got here after what seems like a lifetime.  And yes, it’s not quite the start that I had imagined.
I was sort of ready for new places, new faces and a brand new me.  Didn’t quite expect this sort of start.
But what’s that saying? When the world gives me lemons, I choose to make lemonade!
So here I am, committed to studying in this unexpected way and working towards my career goals BUT I can’t succeed without also spending time developing Human Skills like self awareness, resiliencecommunicating with impact and what my strengths(superpowers) and weaknesses(kryptonite) are.  While this is not something I am learning about in my course, I have to commit to developing these skills because tertiary qualifications are important but they are not enough for future career success.

It’s time to focus on me

This is about MY next chapter and so I need to think about where I am going and what success looks like, both along the way and when I get there.

Firstly, this is the time to spread my wings (virtually for now) and stick with it, so I get on the highway that will take me to where I dream of going.  To get there I am going to have to think creatively and in ways I hadn’t imagined.  I need to acknowledge how I am feeling, dig deep and believe in my ability to be resilient, accept that all of this is less than ideal, but all of us are in this together and we got this!

I’m making a promise to myself

I HAVE to work for what I want because just wanting it is not going to make it happen.
I need to work smart and learn to balance my workload and manage my time well.  Keep positive, work on my confidence and stick with it.  Maxme will provide a guided experience, a shortcut through all the noise, including resources that I can call upon when I feel confused and need help.
And I am going to learn how to get the best out of my opportunities and work with others to get the job done, particularly working in groups on group assignments. I want to learn how to it feels to be part of a Champion Team and be connected even when it feels kind of disconnected.  It’s not going to be easy to learn in these new ways and get work done, but I know I need to practice these new ways of learning and achieving, this new normal at least for now!
I am going to have to be kind to myself along the way and stop to celebrate the wins and learn from the mistakes.
Ok I got this…Maxme, I’m ready for your help!