Increase engagement, productivity & career satisfaction with our human skills development programs, focused on building critical self-awareness, creative problem-solving, communication skills & more…

Human Skills Programs

It’s all about options. Our programs range from a 1-week taster, to 17-week deep dive experience. Programs combine break-through learning, activities and seminars to support organisations and teams of all sizes and stages of development.

Engaging experiences
Programs can include regular, co-branded communications to guide learners through the experience, keep them to schedule and engaged with the content. In addition, we offer kick-off and wrap-up events, milestone seminars and competitions to promote active participation and team collaboration.

Critical focus areas
Designed to help learners get the best out of themselves, our skills-based content focuses on high impact areas and outcomes. These include: understanding and using strengths for optimal performance; developing techniques to solve complex problems; and tools to improve communication and collaboration.

Maximum results
Developed based on proven and effective microlearning training principles, programs are delivered with ongoing support from our team to maximise engagement and results. We track user activity and gather feedback to ensure we’re smashing objectives and giving the people what they want.


How do I select the right program to get max results?

Not sure which program is right for your people?

No stress – we can help with that. We have curated programs you can choose from so as soon as you’ve selected a program we’re good to go and our team will work with you to:

  • Understand your objectives, timings & challenges
  • Create communications elements to onboard and guide users
  • Deliver a program kick-off session (in person or remotely)
  • Increase engagement through ongoing seminars
  • Provide user engagement stats and reporting

Alternatively, we can tailor an experience to your specific needs, which we can identify via our…

Free program assessment

We can conduct a quick and easy staff survey to identify specific development areas that require some love and recommend a program that will deliver tangible benefits.

Low cost, high return

Our aim is to put human skills development in the hands of as many people as possible so we’ve kept the participant costs low. Per participant charges equate to as little as the cost of a coffee a day (but with longer lasting effects and benefits than the daily caffeine hit!).

Don’t hold back – register for a free program assessment and one of team will be in touch.