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Leveraging the power of our flagship human skills mobile app Hodie, your employees will experience an immersive, personalised human skills learning journey. To maximise results for your organisation, we also build in coaching (Raeda) and reporting (Modum).

A comprehensive human skills coaching service built on 20+ years of people, team and executive coaching experience. With group and 1on1 support available, we’ll design a Raeda program optimised for your organisation’s needs.

We know measurement matters. Through our reporting and insights arm Modum, you’ll have the information to understand how your people are tracking through their Maxme learning journeys.

For organisations of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

On our mission to maximise the potential of more individuals, teams, organisations and the community at large, we partner with businesses large and small.

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Our approach

Tried & tested methods

Learning experiences based on research and decades of experience. Our flagship app Hodie is underpinned by 4MAT and 70:20:10 learning models.

Centred on ‘self’

Based on the fundamentals of positive psychology, assessment of top strengths and lesser strengths builds underlying self awareness and highlights areas to develop.


‘Fit for audience’ content to ensure maximum benefit for tertiary students, graduates and early career professionals.


Highly immersive, bite-sized, enjoyable content based on the key skills required to ‘hit the ground running’ and thrive in the modern workplace.


Benchmarking, progress surveys and assessments allows us to measure the impact of Maxme human skills development experiences on both an individual, and organisational, level.


Every team and organisation is unique. While we offer ‘ready to go’ packages, we also collaborate with employers on bespoke programs according to their needs.

Meet Hodie app, your human skills hero!

Hodie is Maxme’s flagship human skills development app designed to help students and graduates to realise their potential and thrive. Fun, rewarding and accessible at any time, place and pace that works for the user, view our quick video to find out how.

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Meet Ren

Maxme is an Australian-based company founded by Renata (Ren) Sguario, a senior executive with almost 30 years experience executing customer centred, business and tech transformations for leading businesses across the world. In parallel, this Human Skills Super Hero has recruited, led, coached and mentored hundreds of employees over the course of her career. Ren’s vision is to give the next generation of workers the tools they need to realise their career potential and thrive in this rapidly changing world.

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