Who we partner with

Upper Secondary

From app-based human skills upskilling, to our immersive work experience program Amica, our partnerships with secondary schools are impactful, and enduring.

Universities, TAFE, Institutes & Colleges

From immersive human skills ‘bootcamps’ and seminars, to Hodie app white label licensing, we’re here to help educators upskill their students at scale.


Partnering with Government (State and Federal) to make human skills upskilling possible for more young Australians.

Community Educators & Youth Support Networks

Teaming up with community groups and NFP youth support powerhouses to optimise the potential, wellbeing, and preparedness for work for marginalised students.

How we help

Flexible partnerships, powerful outcomes

Maxme for Educators bundles unlimited access to our flagship app Hodie, with options for extra Maxme services, support and customisation. Maxme allows you to help your students maximise their human skills development to:

  • Increase employability & work-readiness
  • Perform better in their studies
  • Stay focused on career goals.
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What is Hodie, and how does it work?

Hodie is Maxme’s flagship human skills development app designed to help students and graduates to realise their potential and thrive. Fun, rewarding and accessible at any time, place and pace that works for the user, view our quick video to find out how.

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Amica - human skills for schools

From 1hr foundational workshops to 5-day immersive bootcamps, Amica is our human skills offering for secondary schools. Amica blends in-class and online learning experiences to equip upper secondary students with the work-readiness skills they need to realise their potential and thrive.

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Maxme media

Maxme Founder Ren talks to Ticker TV about Gen Z’s quarter life career crisis, with a whopping 65% of university graduates doubting what they want to do and shifting into other careers within five to seven years of entering the workforce.

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